Who we are
E-Generation Marketing is a strategic marketing organisation specialising in interaction with technology. The company was born out of a distinct market need for an innovative approach to conventional market strategy, synergised with technology-based solutions. Companies realize they are missing out on market opportunities, with many capitalising on emerging internet technologies. But without specialist knowledge such potential commercial opportunities simply go unexplored.

What we do
We provide strategic and electronic marketing, and management advice, using innovative frameworks to deliver effective solutions to a diverse array of market needs. Central to our focus is taking you and your core business to an expanded market and ensuring connection with your targeted audience. We do this through a diverse range of service offerings that include: 

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Electronic Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Software as a Service Solutions
  • Social Media Marketing

Our unique value proposition
One thing that brings our people together is a passion for excellence. We thrive on solving complex challenges through the provision of creative and innovative solutions with a technological edge.